Launched in Spring 2017

The abcMallorca Reservations App is available for download

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What you get


Coolest videos, professional photos, honest reviews.


It’s fast, simple and easy to use.


Earn privileged status & loyalty cash-back while getting the best gourmet experience.

Payment option

Pay your bill using this APP.

Manage your reservations

Easy to amend & cancel reservations.

Special Offer

Personalised recommendations & offers.

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Join the abcMallorca Gourmet Club NOW and receive invites to exlusive events.

The 5th Edition of the 101 Best Restaurants on Mallorca 2017

Mallorca has become a popular gourmet destination, with 10 Michelin Stars and new, exciting restaurants opening every year.

Calling all successful restaurateurs... Take advantage of these amazing benefits now, and watch your business grow!

Annually, almost a half a million people rely on abcMallorca’s restaurant recommendations. So if your eatery is good enough, you need to be accessible to this top-quality market.

Once your restaurant is accepted on the abcMallorca Reservations App, we will:

Eliminate ‘no-shows’

With our credit card guaranteed booking system.

Fill your restaurant 365 days a year

We are your marketing partner to secure reservations for your restaurant.

Provide a Hands-Free System

Let us handle your bookings & table management, tailored to your specific needs.

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Who are we?

abcMallorca is the ‘go-to place’ for restaurant recommendations on Mallorca. Our team tests more restaurants than anyone else which gives us the insider, local knowledge needed to make the best selection for you.

Helen Cummins

Dr. Helen Cummins

Owner & editor of abcMallorca

Contact Helen if you would like to invite us to test your restaurant.

Hanna Bornebusch

Hanna Bornebusch

Editorial Manager abcMallorca

Contact Hanna with any press information about your restaurant.

Katia Guixà

Katia Guixà

Business Development Manager

Contact Katia if you would like to know more about how your restaurant can participate on the APP.